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IUSSP International Population Conferences

The IUSSP organizes the International Population Conference once every four years in collaboration with a host country institution. This is a major international event that draws population specialists, policy makers, academics and government officials from around the world to discuss the latest population research and debate pressing global and regional population issues.

The IUSSP has organised the following general conferences: Paris (1928), London (1931), Berlin (1935), Paris (1937), Washington (1947), Bern (1949), New Delhi (1951), Rome (1953), Rome (jointly with the first united Nations World Population Conference - 1954), Rio de Janeiro (1955), Stockholm (1957), Vienna (1959), New York (1961), Ottawa (1963), Belgrade (jointly with the second united Nations World Population Conference - 1965), London (1969), Liège (1973), Mexico City (1977), Manila (1981), Florence (1985), New Delhi (1989), Montréal (1993), Beijing (1997), Salvador (2001), Tours (2005) and Marrakech (2009). The next Conference will take place in Busan, Korea in 2013.

For those interested in hosting a future International Population Conference please read the Conference Brochure.

Recent International Population Conferences:

XXVI International Population Conference. 27 September-2 October 2009, Marrakech Morocco

XXV International Population Conference. 18-23 July 2005, Tours, France

XXIV IUSSP International Population Conference, Salvador de Bahia, August 18-24, 2001

XXIII IUSSP International Conference, Beijing, 11-17 October 1997

Regional or Thematic Conferences

The IUSSP, in co-operation with national professional associations, organised regional conferences in Sydney (1967) for Asia and Oceania; in Bangkok for South East Asia (2002); in Mexico City (1970) and Veracruz (1992) for Latin America; in Accra (1971) and Dakar (1988) for Africa; in Jyväskylä (1987), Paris (1991) and Milan (1995) for Europe and Cairo (1996) for the Arab world.

Two thematic conferences were organised, one on Economic and Demographic Change: Issues for the 1980s held in Helsinki in 1978, and the other on Women's Position and Demographic Change in the Course of Development held in Oslo in 1988. The regional and thematic conferences focus on specific problems relating either to a region or to a particular aspect of demography.

IUSSP Regional Population Conference, Bangkok, 10-13 June 2002


Conferences in which the IUSSP has collaborated

UAPS 5th African Population Conference, Arusha Tanzania, December 2007

UAPS Third African Conference Durban, 6-10 December 1999

European Population Conference, EPC99 The Hague, 30 August - 3 September 1999

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