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XXIIIrd IUSSP General Population Conference

Beijing, China, 11-17 October 1997


The XXIIIrd General Population Conference of the IUSSP was held in Beijing, P.R. of China at the kind invitation of the China Population Association (CPA) with the collaboration of the State Family Planning Commission of China and the support of the united Nations Population Fund.


The Scientific Programme was established by the IOC with the main aim of giving emphasis to the most significant research in the field of population. The Scientific Programme comprised 2 plenary sessions, 23 formal sessions and 40 informal sessions on more specialised topics (4 informal sessions were cancelled due to the late withdrawal of their organisers).


1500 sets of the bilingual (French and English) Proceedings (3 volumes, 1532 pages) were printed and distributed to the participants who paid the full registration fee.

The remaining sets are available at the IUSSP Headquarters upon request, at uS $120 per set for IUSSP members and uS $160 for non-members.

International Organising Committee (IOC) and Steering Committee

President: Jiang Zhenghua* (China)
Vice-President: John Caldwell* (Australia)
Jorge Balan (Argentina), Anna Cabré* (Spain), José-Alberto M. de Carvalho* (Brazil), Sidiki Coulibaly (Burkina Faso), Monica Das Gupta (India), Allan G. Hill* (united Kingdom), Li Jingneng* (China), Jacques Légaré (Canada), Jane Menken (USA), Jacques Vallin (France), Zeng Yi* (China), Huda Zurayk (Lebanon)
Executive Secretary: Jane Verrall (united Kingdom)
Co-ordinator: Pierre Alderson (Belgium)

National Organising Committee (NOC)

Chair: Ms. Peng Peiyun, State Councillor & Minister in charge of the State Family Planning Commission (SFPC), President of the China Population Association (CPA)

Vice-Chairs: Jiang Zhenghua, Consultant to the CPA and Council Member of IUSSP; Li Honggui, Executive Vice-President of the CPA; Lin Wenyi, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality; Tian Xueyuan, Executive Vice-President of the CPA and Director of Population Research at the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Consultants: An Tse Kai, Vice-Chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NCCPPCC); Ma Wanqi, Vice-Chairman of NCCPPCC; He Luli, Vice-Chairman of NCCPPCC; Shao Huaze, Director-General of the People’s Daily; Chen Minzhang, Minister for Health; Ian Howie, Country Director of China, DPRK, Mongolia, uNFPA

Secretary-General: Jiang Yiman, Director of General Office, State Family Planning Commission (SFPC)

Deputy Secretary-General: Cong Jun, Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, SFPC

Opening Ceremony

Speeches were given by:
John C. Caldwell, President, IUSSP
Nafis Sadik, Executive Director, united Nations Population Fund
Joseph Chamie, Director, united Nations Population Division
H.E. Peng Peiyun, State Councillor and Minister in charge of the SFPC, President of the CPA
H.E. Li Peng, Premier, People’s RePUBLIC of China

Closing Ceremony

Addresses were given by:
José Alberto Magno de Carvalho, Vice-President and President-Elect, IUSSP
Peng Xizhe, Fudan university, Shanghai, representative of the junior demographers
H.E. Peng Peiyun, State Councillor and Minister in charge of the SFPC, President of the CPA

Side meetings

There were 7 Side meetings organised by major organisations involved in the field of population research:
Macro International Incorporation (DHS)
Demographic transition and women’s development strategies in China and India
Comité International de Cooperation dans les Recherches Nationales en Démographie (CICRED)
International Sociological Association (ISA)
united Nations Population Fund (uNFPA)
Institut National de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée (INSEA)
IUSSP Committees on Gender and Population and Reproductive Health

Poster Sessions

Two poster sessions were organised by the following:
Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione (IRP), Italy
Eka Wahyuni, university of Adelaide, Australia


Several organisations arranged various exhibits and booths on demography and population programmes and scientific literature. Among these were National Organising Committee, IUSSP, Population Index, INED, etc.

50th Anniversary of the Reconstitution of IUSSP

It was in 1947 that the union resumed its activities with a new Constitution, which made it an international association of individual members. The Council of the union decided to take advantage of the Beijing Conference to celebrate this anniversary. A ceremony took place during the Closing Ceremony at which the six members who were members in 1947 - and who are still members - were honoured. These members were Carmen Miro (Panama), Clyde Kiser (USA), Conrad Taeuber (USA), Henry Shryock (USA), Sotiris Agapitidis (Greece) and Gysbert Goudswaard (The Netherlands).

Four addresses were respectively delivered by:
Jacques Légaré, member of the Council who co-ordinated the celebration
Jack Caldwell, President, IUSSP
Carmen Miro, Award recipient, Honorary President, IUSSP
Massimo Livi Bacci, Honorary President, IUSSP

In the exhibition area, the participants also had the opportunity to consult documents and photographs related to the reconstitution and further developments of the union and to watch an audio-visual projection produced on the basis of 8mm films taken at various Conferences.

Attendance Statistics

1152 participants coming from 101 countries attended the Conference.

By membership
IUSSP members: 391 (34%)
Non-members: 761 (66%)

By gender
Male: 755 (65,5%)
Female: 397 (34,5%)

DC: 346 (30%)
LDC: 806 (70%)

By region
Africa: 57 (5%)
Asia 705 (61%)
Middle East 25 (2,2%)
Europe 201 (17,5%)
North America 98 (8,5%)
Central America 13 (1,3%)
South America 32 (2,7%)
Oceania 21 (1,8%)

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