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Panel on Health Equity and Policy in the Arab World (2006-2009)


Zeinab Khadr (Egypt)

Timothy G. Evans (Canada)
John Fox (UK)
Mohamed Eisa Eltahir Moukhyer (Sudan)
Abdesslam Boutayeb (Morocco)
Fran Baum (Australia)

Council Liaison
Hoda Rashad

Contact auprès du Secrétariat de l'UIESP
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

As in many developing and developed countries, health inequity remains a prominent feature of the Arab countries’ health profile. Thus far, the limited research efforts in this area of study have underscored high levels of poor health among disadvantaged groups in the population. These limited investigations, coupled with escalating concern for health equity in the international community, have built up a substantial momentum and commitment on the part of national policy makers to reduce health disparities. This heightened commitment accentuates the need for equity-oriented health policies informed by evidence and knowledge, guided by continuing applied research and capable to address the root causes of health inequity.
This panel seeks to stimulate policy oriented research, identify the main gaps in the current knowledge base and discuss policy approaches and needs in the area of health inequity in the Arab region. It aims to 1) form regional networks and partnerships that bring together various regional parties interested in the area of health equity including: academics, policy planners, active organizations in the civil society, and international agencies, 2) review current knowledge and evidence on health inequity using newly developed methodological approaches and analysis, with particular emphasis on the neglected dimensions of health inequity in the Arab region and 3) investigate the extent to which countries in the region are committed to equity-oriented health policies, their criteria for priority setting and building justice-based and comprehensive health information systems.

Programme of activities

International Seminar on Social and Health Policies for Equity: Approaches and Strategies

London, United Kingdom, 2-4 November 2009

Call for Papers

Seminar Papers

Seminar Report


International Seminar on Health Inequity: Current Knowledge and New Measurement Approaches Organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Health Equity and Policy in the Arab World the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo, and the WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) Cairo, Egypt, 16-18 February 2008

Call for Papers

Seminar Papers

Seminar Report

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