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Committee on Historical Demography (1997-2001)

Osamu Saito (Japan)

Cem Behar (Turkey)
Alain Blum (France)
Marco Breschi (Italy)
Dora Celton (Argentina)
James Lee(USA)
Cormac O'Grada(Ireland)

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Mary Ellen Zuppan


Programme of activities

Seminar on the Population History of the Second Millenium
Florence, Italy, June 2001
Outline - Report

Seminar on the Demography of Famines: Perspectives from the Past and the Present
Les Treilles, France, May 1999
Report - Programme

Seminar on Changes and Continuity in the American Demographic Behaviours the Five Centuries' Experience
Cordoba, Argentina, October 1998

Seminar on Population and Economy: from Hunger to Modern Economic Growth
Toyonaka, Japan, January 1997


Famine Demography: Perspectives from the Past and Present, Tim Dyson and Cormac O. Grada, eds., OUP, 2002.

Population and Economy - From Hunger to Modern Economic Growth, Tommy Bengtsson and Osamu Saito, OUP, 2000.

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