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Working Group on Low Fertility (1999-2001)

Peter McDonald (Australia)

Makato Atoh (Japan)
Nancy Folbre (USA)
Ron Lesthaeghe (Belgium)

Council Liaison
Anna Cabré

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Mary Ellen Zuppan

Terms of Reference

The Working Group will gain a greater understanding of the persistence of low fertility rates, defined as fertility rates below two children per woman. It will consider the extent to which fertility rates may be temporarily low reflecting delay of childbearing rather than forgoing of childbearing, formulate and evaluate theories to explain low fertility, consider the diversity of forms of low fertility in different cultural settings, and formulate policies to address low fertility where it is considered to be a problem.

Programme of Activities


Seminar on International Perspectives on Low Fertility: Trends, Theories and Policies
Tokyo, Japan, March 21-23, 2001
Call for Papers

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