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Panel on Population and Poverty (2007-2010)

John Casterline (USA)

Alejandro Herrin (Philippines)
Philomena Nyarko (Ghana)
John Strauss (USA)
Zhenwu Zhai (China)

Council Liaison
Véronique Hertrich

Contact auprès du Secrétariat de l'UIESP
Nassima Hernoun

Terms of Reference

The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Population and Poverty examines the inter-relations between demographic processes and economic well-being. Demographic processes are treated as cause and as consequence. Both macro-level and micro-level relationships are of interest, although the primary focus of the Panel's activities will be on micro-level relationships. The Panel places special priority on research that can inform policy, in keeping with the current emphasis on poverty reduction.
The previous Panel on Population and Poverty brought together demographers, health scientists, and economists to organize seminars on "Poverty, Programs, and Demographic Outcomes" and on "HIV/AIDS and Poverty". This panel plans to continue this work by organizing seminars on reproductive health and poverty reduction, internal migration and poverty, and demographic ageing and poverty.

Programme of activities

International seminar on Demographics and Macroeconomic Performance
Paris, France 4 - 5 June 2010

Seminar Description
Seminar Programme
Seminar Report
Seminar papers

International meeting on Population Growth and Poverty-Reduction Planning: Creating Linkages at the Country Level
Paris, France 8 - 9 November 2007

Seminar Programme
Seminar Report

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