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International Meeting on Age Structure Transitions and Policy Dynamics:
The allocation of Public and private resources across generations

Organized by the IUSSP research committee on ‘Age Structure and Public Policy’
and the Institute of Economics of Academia Sinica.
To be held in Taipei, 6-8 December 2001.

Call for Papers

The decline in fertility and the increase in life expectancy have produced significant age structural transitions around the world. These demographic transitions, in turn, have fundamental consequences for the allocation of Public and private resources across generations. At the macro-level, the age structural transitions are associated with a shift of Public resources towards the elderly, especially in the form of pension expenditures, health care and long-term care, while at the micro-level, age structural transitions are altering family and kin networks and households’ allocations of time and money to children and older parents.

These consequences of age structural transitions are obviously not confined to the most advanced industrialized countries. Nations at various stages of their demographic transitions and at various stages of their economic development are all facing deep changes in their demographic structure and in the relative weights of children, working age adults, and elderly. Knowledge about the allocation of Public and private resources across generations ---- in the context of age structural transitions--- is however limited. Some important work has been published in recent years on topics such as elder care, differential trends between children’s and elderly’s poverty, intergenerational transmission of wealth, etc. but very few of these studies have been set in a dynamic perspective and in the context of age structural transitions.

This conference will focus on innovative work on the allocation of Public and private resources across generations, including work at the macro- and micro-level. The conference will not focus on any geographical area, but will instead bring together leading scholars working with new datasets, new methods of analysis, or new modeling techniques. About 15 papers will be presented during the 2½ days of meeting. Some of the speakers will be invited while the others will be selected from the call of papers.

We are looking for papers that present innovative work based on macro- or micro-level data, with a preference given for work using new or recent datasets, or new methods of analysis. Preference will also be given for work using longitudinal datasets and for work that looks at the dynamic of intergenerational transfers of resources. Purely descriptive papers, based on existing forecasts, are not encouraged. Authors are being asked to submit an abstract that clearly indicates: (i) the question/ objective; (ii) the data used; (iii) the method of analysis; and (iv) the expected results. Please also indicate your title, institution, and a list of relevant published papers. The best conference papers will be published in a book co-published by the IUSSP and Oxford University Press.


Please send your abstract and additional information via email or fax to:
Anne H. Gauthier, DPhil
university of Calgary
Email: Anne Gauthier
Fax: (Canada) 1-403-282-9298

The deadline for sending the abstract is 15 March 2001.
Local organizers: Cyrus Chu & Feng-Fuh Jiang
IUSSP organizers: Shripad Tuljapurkar & Anne H. Gauthier