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Seminar on Taking Stock of the Condom in the Era of HIV/AIDS

Gaborone, Botswana, 13-17 July 2003
Organised by the IUSSP Committee on Reproductive Health and the University of Botswana

University of Botswana's local organizing committee:
Chair: Dr. Gobopamang Letamo
Members: Prof. P.S. Nair, Mr. Daniel Rakgoasi, Mr. Enock Ngome
Assistants: Ms. Oleosi Ntshebe, Mrs. Haika Joseph


Introductory session: Condoms for AIDS prevention: The big picture

Condoms for AIDS prevention in the developing world: A review of the scientific literature
Norman Hearst and Sanny Chen

Session 1: Measurement issues

Simulating the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the transmission of HIV: The case of rural southern Malawi
Michael Bracher, Gigi Santow and Susan Cotts Watkins

Measurement of condom use as a risk factor for HIV infection
Emma Slaymaker and Basia Zaba

Session 2: The contraceptive condom

The socio-cultural context of condom use within marriage in the Middle East: Evidence from rural Lebanon
Andrzej Kulczycki

The role of the condom in reducing fertility and AIDS in Tunisia
Sofiane Bouhdiba

Condom compliance and its effectiveness: Do the users really understand it?
Mehrab Ali Khan, Golam Mostafa, Moarrita Begum and Radheshyam Bairagi

Session 3: Who are the users (or non-users)? Young people

Condom use for preventing STI/HIV and unintended pregnancy amoung young men in sub-Saharan Africa
Akin Bankole and Susheela Singh

Does self-perceived risk of contracting AIDS change sexual behavior and condom use? The case of Mozambican youth
Ndola Prata, Leo Morris, Mark Stehr and Elisio Mazive

Use of condoms for dual protection among low income adolescent men in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nina Zamberlin

Session 4: Who are the users (or non-users)? Regular/married partners

Condom use within marriages and consensual unions in the era of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
William Muhwava

Condom use for dual protection in Senegal
Keita Ohashi

The quiet revolution: Condom use within marriage
Pranitha Maharaj and John Cleland

Factors affecting condom use in primary sexual relationships in Kenya
Thomas W. Pullum, Iqbal Shah, John Cleland and Evasius Bauni

Why are condoms less likely to be used with regular partners? Insights from Uganda
Stella Neema, Richard Kibombo and Christopher Orach Garimoi

Session 5: Who are the users (or non-users)? Special groups

Condom use for disease prevention: Commercial sex in Bali, Indonesia
Kathleen Ford and Dewa Nyoman Wirawan

Monitoring condom use and related outreach messages among freelance female sex workers, young girls at risk for prostitution and their customers in the Philippines
Lyn Rhona Montebon, Leona D'Agnes and Carmina A. Aquino

Targeted intervention programme: Condom promotion and use among commercial sex workers in Mumbai
Srinivasan Soundarajan, S.K. Mohanty and Alka Gogate

Military sub-culture as a hindrance to condom use: The case of Botswana Defence Force
Joseph Pitso

Les pratiques sexuelles et l'utilisation du condom au sein des forces armées Togolaises
Sethson Kassegne, Francis Sala-Diakanda, Léon W.K. Adom and Virgile Capo-Chichi

Session 6: Barriers to condom use: comparative analyses

Regional variation and cross-country determinants of condom use in sub-Saharan Africa
Agbessi Amouzou

Session 7: Personal/"cultural" barriers to condom use

Myths, misperceptions and fears hindering access to and use of condoms

Factors associated with condom use in the era of HIV/AIDS: The case of Botswana
Gobopamang Letamo

Ghana: Sex, AIDS, death, values and the condom paradox
Kwabena Poku

Wasting sperm: The cultural context of condom use among the Maasai in northern Tanzania
Ernestina Coast

The condom is an "intruder" in marriage: Evidence from rural Malawi
Agnes Chimbiri

The moral lens of population control: Condoms and controversies in southern Malawi
Amy Kaler

Session 8: Institutional barriers to condom use

Condoms: A review of donor support and estimates of need
Nada Chaya

Situation analysis of free distribution of condoms in India
R.S. Goyal and Anoop Khanna

Session 9: Technical issues

The latex versus the non-latex male condom: Perspectives from contrasting populations
Somchai Niruthisard, Iqbal Shah, Ina Warriner and Mags Beksinska

Knowledge of and attitudes toward the female condom in a low-income urban setting in Botswana
Serai Daniel Rakgoasi

Session 10: What do we know? What don't we know?

Implications for interventions

Implications for further research

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