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Conference on Partnership Networks and the Spread of HIV and Other Infections

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 4-10 February 2000
Co-sponsored by the IUSSP Committee on AIDS and the university of Chiang Mai

Project description

The Conference

This conference is organised by the IUSSP Committee on AIDS in collaboration with the Regional Centre for Social Sciences and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Social Sciences, university of Chiang Mai.

The IUSSP Committee on AIDS is sponsoring a meeting on Sexual Networks and HIV Transmission. The meeting will have both a presentation and a training component. Our goal is to introduce demographers to the techniques of social network analysis - from the impact it has on data collection instruments, to the issues it raises for sampling methodology, to the range of methods available for network data analysis, and finally, to what we have learned from network studies regarding the spread of HIV. Papers describing the strengths and the difficulties of conducting research on networks will be welcome. We aim to publish the accepted papers in an edited reader that would become a sourcebook for people working in this field. We would therefore be particularly interested in receiving submissions by research groups with long-standing empirical projects in this area. The group could offer a series of papers explaining how their network study was conceived, how the survey instruments were developed and tested, how the data were analysed, and the insights obtained by focussing on network structure rather than individual behaviour. We will organise the meeting so that each research group will have a whole session to report on its study. The impact of networks on the population dynamics of HIV transmission is the primary focus of this meeting, but we will also consider submissions that focus on networks and sexual behaviour, injecting drug use, or migration, as these topics are closely related. We would like to cover the range of network sampling options, from local network designs to complete network designs, as well as the many types of partial network sampling that make up the middle ground.

There will also be one or two shorter sessions for individual contributions, where we would encourage submissions that focus on the development of new methodologies or the findings from smaller empirical studies in different parts of the world.

The Workshop

The training workshop will be held just prior to the meeting, on 4th and 5th of February. Participants will receive both an introduction to the concepts and methods of social network analysis, and hands-on training on the use of computer packages. This workshop will be most useful to people who are either planning to conduct a network study and want to know how to design the sample and questionnaire; or people who will be analysing network data they have already collected. It is intended for English speaking demographers.

More details on http://www.pop.psu.edu/events/IUSSP/chiangmai.html

Scientific information: Martina Morris morris@pop.psu.edu, Anchalee Singhanetra-Renard rrenard@loxinfo.co.th or Basia Zaba basia.zaba@lshtm.ca.uk

Logistic information: Renée Latour latour@IUSSP.org