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Working Group on Teaching (1999-2001)

Graziella Caselli (Italy)

Mohammed Mazouz (Algeria)
Victor Piché (Canada)
Noreen Goldman (USA)

Council Liaison
José Alberto M. de Carvalho

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Mary Ellen Zuppan

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
The scientific scope of the IUSSP Working Group on Teaching is to encourage activities aimed at defining new guidelines for teaching demography in the future. The new content of demography should be clearly listed, making some differentiation according to the target group, future demographers on the one hand, and others who in the course of their professional activity need to apply some demographic know-how. Among the themes explored are a training programme for demographic research, tradition and change in the teaching of demography, and the hazards of specialisation.

Programme of activities


Seminar on Demographic Training in the Third Millenium
Rabat, Morocco, May 2001
Outline - Report - Programme - Papers

Survey of Teaching and Training in Demography
Outline - Survey Form


Special Issue on Demographic Training, Graziella Caselli, ed, Genus, Vol 58 No. 3-4, 2002

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