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XXV International Population Conference
France 2005 Header

Censuses in the 21st Century : Improving Data Utilization and Dissemination

This meeting took place at the XXV International Conference on 18 July 2005.

Organizers : Mary M. Kritz (Cornell University) and Hania Zlotnik (United Nations Population Division)

You can dowload the papers presented at the meeting

Session 1 : The 2010 Round of Censuses : New approaches to conducting and disseminating census data and implications for data quality and access

Chair : Werner Haug

Mary Chamie: Country reporting and access :the role of the United Nations Statistics Division

Dirks Jaspers-Faijer: Data sharing experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean

Tukufu Zuberi: Building regional data archives : the African Census Analysis Project (ACAP)

Alicia Bercovich: Studies on new methodologies for population census: the Brazilian experience

Peter Way: Technical support and backstopping of national census efforts

Session 2 : Utilization of Census Data : How are census data used in demographic research and in furthering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)?

Chair : Kourtoum Nacro, UNFPA Technical Support Division

Thomas Buettner: Census data and population projections

Ann Morning: Ethnic and race classifications in national censuses

Ken Hill: Deriving mortality estimates from census data

Deborah Balk: Obtaining and maintaining geographically coded information from population censuses

Richard Bilsborrow: The use of census data in studies of migration and environment

The IUSSP gratefully acknowledges financial support from the UNFPA which enabled it to organize this meeting.


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