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Working Papers from the Seminar on "Reproductive Health Issues in Central and Eastern Europe, and Countries of the Former Soviet Union"
Bucharest, Romania 18-20 October 2004

Implementing cervical cancer screening in Bulgaria: what are the health system-level constraints that should be addressed?
Yulia Panayotova, Dina Balabanova, Jivko Georgiev


Patriarchal Patterns and Contraception, Induced Abortion in Russian Family
Irina Gorchkova


  Meeting women's reproductive health needs in Russia
PH David, L Reichenbach, I Savieleva, R Potemkina, N Vartapetova


Born Unwanted: The 35 Year Prague Study
Henry David, Zdenek Matejcek


Reproductive health issues in Poland - changes over transition period
Wiktoria Wróblewska


Contraceptive Usage Among Young Adults in Bulgaria - Violation of the Tradition?
Tatyana Kotzeva, Dora Kostova


The prevalence of selected pregnancy outcome risk factors in the life style and medical history of the delivering population in Moncegorsk in north-western Russia

Vaktskjold Arild, Talykova Ljudmila Vasiljevna , Nieboer Evert , Paulsen Erna Elise, Nikanov Aleksandr Nikolajevitsj, Odland Jon Øyvind


Contraception and induced abortion in Russia: Recent trends
J.A. Gorodnicheva


  Refugees: reproductive rights, responsible parenthood and mental health
Nila Kapor-Stanulovic


Reproductive health issues in Republic of Serbia: Old problems, new actions
Mirjana Rasevic


Trends in induced abortions in Estonia and Russia after year 1995.
Katja Kesseli, Mika Gissler


Contraception after delivery
V. Yaglov, V. Prilepskaya


Reproductive Health in Transition Countries in the European Context
Tables (Excel file)
Florina Serbanescu, Howard Goldberg, Leo Morris


Cervical Cancer Screening in Bulgaria: Psychosocial Barriers and Determinants
Irina Todorova , Tatyana Kotzeva


Psychosocial Factors Affecting Non-Response to Cervical Screening in Romania
Adriana Baban, Robert Balazsi, Aurora Szentagotai Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Patterns of Marriage, Sexual Debut, Premarital Sex, and Unprotected Sex in Central Asia
Annie Dude


KAP Study As Reliable Support For Optimal Birth Spacing Interval IEC Campaign
Silvia Florescu, Ingrid Gheorghe, Carmen Sasu, Corina Chivu, Cassandra Butu, Constanta Mihaescu-Pintia


Sexual Behaviour and Health of Army Conscripts in St. Petersburg
Elina Haavio-Mannila, Minna Nikula, Natalia Fedorova


Induced abortion and contraception in the Caucasus republics
Howard Goldberg, Florina Serbanescu


Reproductive health in Estonia - results of qualitative research
Gail Grant

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