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Panel on Ageing in Developing Countries (2004-2006)

M. Nizamuddin (Pakistan)
Alberto Palloni (US)

Moneer Alam (India)
Chayovan Napaporn (Thailand)
Monica Ferreira (South Africa)
S. Irudaya Rajan (India)
Rebeca Wong (Mexico)
Xuejun Yu (China)

Council Monitor
Zeng Yi (China)

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

This IUSSP Scientific Panel on Ageing in developing countries will focus on the most pressing problems produced by rapid ageing in developing countries. The Panel aims to highlight the relevant issues and how they can be studied maximizing the advantage of comparative work in different cultural settings. The Panel will examine conditions in developed countries only to the extent that such examination can be used for contrast and comparison purposes and to illuminate, or to help us understand the problem of older persons in developing regions. We will advance the work of the Panel by arranging scientific meetings, cyber seminars, exchange of information and through ongoing discussion and collaboration.

Programme of activities

Seminar on Ageing in Developing Countries: Building Bridges for Integrated Research Agendas
Organised by the IUSSP Panel on Ageing in Developing Countries, the Latin American Demography Center (CELADE), Network for Research on Aging in Latin America and the Caribbean (REALCE), Network of Researchers on Aging in Developing Countries (University of Michigan), with the financial support of the NIA (National Institute of Aging), CELADE and the IUSSP.
Santiago, Chile, 23-24 April 2007

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Seminar Report

Seminar Programme

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