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Panel on the Demography of Armed Conflict (2006-2010)

Helge Brunborg (Norway)

Ram B. Bhagat (India)
Timothy Dyson (United Kingdom)
Holly Reed (USA)
Magaly Sanchez (Venezuela)
Sarah Staveteig (USA)
Ewa Tabeau (The Netherlands)

Council Liaison
Marwan Khawaja

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

The aim of this scientific panel is to unite disparate researchers in this important and timely field, to share and develop methodological approaches, and to encourage innovative theoretical and applied work in the area of combat and population. Academic research on armed conflict has burgeoned in the past decade as political scientists and economists have developed predictive models of civil wars, insurgencies, terrorism, and other types of organized violence. Yet the demographic causes and consequences of armed conflict are still poorly understood, and researchers interested in the demographic dynamics of conflict are largely disconnected. There remains a pressing need for demographic analysis of armed conflict, not only for truth commissions, criminal tribunals, immediate public health needs, and the like, but also more broadly in the scholarly field of peace and conflict research. A major goal of the panel is to stimulate the development of methods to collect and estimate data on mortality, displacement and other demographic factors during and after armed conflict.

Programme of activities

1) IUSSP Plenary session on the Demography of Armed Conflict at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) in New York, 28 March 2007.
2) Session on the Demography of Armed Conflict at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), 29-31 March 2007, New York
3) Seminar on conflict mortality (2011)

Programme of past activities
(activities of the former Working Group on the Demography of Conflict and Violence)

Special issue of Journal of Peace Research (42 (4), July 2005)
Special issue of European Journal of Population (21(2/3), September 2005)
The Demography of Armed Conflict, Brunborg, H, E. Tabeau, H. Urdal (Eds.), International Studies in Population, Vol. 5, Springer, 2006.











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