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Panel on Business Demography (2007-2009)

Farhat Yusuf (Australia)
Thomas Exter (Canada)
Lu Jiehua (China)
Lou Pol (USA)
Filomena Racioppi (Italy)
Eduardo Rios-Neto (Brazil)
Bernard Salt (Australia)

Council Liaison
Peter McDonald

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

The aims of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Business Demography are:
• To organise activities which will increase the awareness of the relevance of demographic issues in business – this awareness needs strengthening among both demographers and business professionals;
• To foster collaboration between Demography and other academic disciplines in the field of business such as: Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Human Resource Management and other disciplines;
• To facilitate exchange of ideas and highlight the mutual benefits and interests between business demographers and top managers as well as business analysts;
• To enhance the research and training capabilities in Business Demography at universities and other institutions in both the developed and developing countries.

Programme of activities

International Seminar on Applications of Demography in Business
Organized by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Business Demography
Sydney, Australia, 8-9 October 2007

Call for papers

Seminar Programme

Seminar Papers

Activity 2: A one-day workshop on the above topic for local managers and other business professionals, 10 October 2007, Sydney, Australia

Activity 3: A scientific meeting in a developing country (October 2008)

Activity 4: Session on Business Demography at the International Population Conference (2009)

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