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Panel on Demography, Human Rights, and Ethics (2006-2009)

William Seltzer (USA)
François Héran (France)

Yuri A Frantsuz (Russia)
Marwan Khawaja (Lebanon)
Beatriz Piedad Urdinola (Colombia)
Helen Ware (Australia)

Council Liaison
Catherine Rollet

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

The IUSSP Scientific Panel on Demography, Human Rights, and Ethics will focus on a diverse set of activities designed to heighten the awareness of human rights and ethical issues in the field of demography and population studies and to promote discussion of such issues among demographers nationally and internationally. At least initially, the Panel has set for itself four specific tasks: (1) developing an online forum on the subject; (2) preparing and circulating a compilation of graduate course reading lists and syllabi that focus on demography and human rights or demography and ethics; (3) encouraging national professional associations active in demography and population studies to hold sessions and pursue other activities on the subject; and (4) drafting and circulating for comment a short statement of ethical principles pertaining to demographic research.

Programme of activities


Programme of past activities

• Side meeting at the International Population Conference, Tours, 20 July 2005

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