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Seminar on Social Categories in Population Studies

Cairo, Egypt, September 15-18, 1999
Co-sponsored by the IUSSP Committee on Anthropological Demography and the New Arab Demography Project of the Social Research Centre of the American university in Cairo

Provisional Programme


Anthony Carter, Chair of the IUSSP Committee on Anthropological Demography
Hoda Rashad, Director of the Social Research of the American university in Cairo

Session 1: Social categories in the production and consumption of population studies: Taking stock of populations; identity and the creation (or destruction) of nations

National identity and its relevance in population studies in China
Hao Yan

Towards a Soviet order of things: census categories, border demarcation and the making of the Soviet union
Francine R. Hirsch

A comparative history and analysis of racial categorisation in American and Brazilian censuses
Melissa Nobles

Historicity and the reframing of social categories: the case of Iraq's population under siege
Soheir Morsy

Session 2: Classifications and the creation of communities

Membership lists in four Northeast Thailand villages
John Bryant & Aree Prohmmo

Household registration, registered households and micro-social structure in contemporary China
Zhongwei Zhao

Session 3: Community and identity in history and contemporary society: the case of Egypt

Recording professions in population censuses 1846-48 in Egypt
Philippe Fargues

Community in upper Egypt
Reem Saad

Session 4: The historicity of social categories used in population studies. Linguistics and meaning: discourses on society and population

The linguistic construction of social and medical categories in the work of the English general register office, 1837-1950
Eddy Higgs

The objectification of fertility: an historical outline of 19th and early 20th century practices in Britain and India
Philip Kreager

Malthus' anti-rhetorical rhetoric, or, on the magical conversion of the imaginary into the real
Charles L. Briggs

Categories: nature, meaning, function and implications
Saad Z. Nagi

Session 5: Discourses on health and fertility

In sickness and in sorcery: the social classifications of morbidity, mortality and demography arising in the historical relations of colonial authorities and Mekeo (Papua New Guinea) peoples, 1890-1998
Mark S. Mosko

The role of ethnicity
Allan G. Hill & Amy Ratcliffe

Making motherhood un(safe): some unofficial risks and unintended consequences of safe motherhood programming
Denise M. Roth

Session 6: Migration flows and how we understand them

Gender and life-course mobility among Fulani in greater Accra, Ghana: the inadequacies of voluntary/forced & permanent/temporary as categories of migration
Yaa Oppong

The official invisibility on internal diaspora in Colombia
Santiago Villaceves

From places to flows: migration streams in demographic studies
John W. Adams & Alice Bee Kasakoff

Session 7: The ethnography of social categories: understanding sexuality

Male sexual health concerns in Orissa
Martine Collumbien

Compassionate marriage, sexual intimacy and fertility in modern Mexico
Jennifer Hirsch

New approaches in studying young people's sexuality and reproductive health behaviour: how can it be measured and tracked. A case study from Indonesia
Iwu Dwisetyani utomo

Session 8: A critical look at gender

Who is the head? An anthrodemographic perspective on female headed households in Egypt
Iman Farid & Zeinab Khadr

Gender roles and women's status: what they mean to Hausa Muslim women in Northern Nigeria
Elisha P. Renne

Social categories in the study of men
Axel Mundigo

Session 9: Health, fertility and family planning

The planned birth: a social category "with Chinese characteristics"
Susan Greenhalgh

Categorising the need for family planning: a story of evolution
Laila El-Zeini

users, non-users, clients, or help seekers? Categories for understanding the use of health services
Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer

Session 10: New directions: Panel Discussion on Youth

Youth Working Group of the Arab Demography Project

Session 11: Different ways of looking at population issues

Fertility transition in the Arab world
Hoda Rashad

Marital status and reproductive age group as the two categories in population studies
Patel Tulsi

Demographies' ecological frontiers: rethinking the nature of the household
Brian Greenberg & Margaret Greene

The contact organisers for this seminar within the Committee are Arunachalam Dharmalingam (dharma@waikato.ac.nz), Hania Sholkamy (hanias@pccairo.org), Simon Szreter (srss@joh.cam.ac.uk).

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