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Seminar on New Forms of urbanization: Conceptualising and Measuring Human Settlement in the 21st Century

Rockefeller's Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy, March 11-15, 2002
Organised by the IUSSP Working Group on urbanization


Part One. Introduction

Session 1
Chair: Anthony Champion

Changing forms of human settlement: conceptual challenges for population studies
Graeme Hugo, Tony Champion and Alfredo E. Lattes

Session 2
Chair: David Brown
Discussant: Graeme Hugo

Lest we re-invent the wheel: lessons from previous reviews
Anthony Champion

Assessing past trends and future urbanization prospects: the limitations of available data
Hania Zlotnik

Part Two. Regional Perspectives on Settlement Change and the Adequacy of Current Approaches to Definition and Measurement

Session 3
Chair: Terence McGee
Discussant: Larry Bourne

Population dynamics in More Developed Countries: the fading of metro/non-metro and city/suburb distinctions
William Frey

Population dynamics and urbanization in Latin America: concepts and data limitations
Alfredo E. Lattes, Jorge Rodríguez and Miguel Villa

Session 4
Chair: James Fitzsimmons
Discussant: Terence McGee

urbanization trends in Asia: the conceptual and definitional challenges
Gavin Jones

Analysing urbanization in Africa: from the lack of defintions to their renewal
Philippe Bocquier

Part Three. Conceptualizing Settlement Systems

Session 5
Chair: Michael Batty
Discussant: Landis Mackellar

An evolutionary approach to settlement systems
Denise Pumain

The changing macro-geography of urbanization: an urban system perspective
Larry S. Bourne and Jim W. Simmons

Session 6
Chair: Larry Bourne
Discussant: David Rain

The social and economic organization of rural life in post industrial societies
David L. Brown and John B. Cromartie

Re-thinking 'rurality'
Keith Halfacree

Part Three. Conceptualizing Settlement Systems

Session 7
Chair: Gavin Jones
Discussant: Ram Bhagat

The transformation of the Mexican urban hierarchy, 1960-2000
Gustavo Garza

Developments in urban form and population redistribution in the Delhi metropolitan area: implications for demographic analysis
Véronique Dupont

Session 8
Chair: Graeme Hugo
Discussant: Richard Bilsborrow

urbanization and metropolitanization in Brazil: trends and methodological challenges
José Marcos Pinto da Cunha

Changing urbanization patterns and in situ rural-urban transformation: reflections on the dilemma of settlement definitions in China
Yu Zhu

Part Five. Moving from the Conceptual to the Operational

Session 9
Chair: David Rain
Discussant: Michael Batty

Multiple dimensions of settlement systems: coping with complexity
Mike Coombes

using remote sensing and geographical information systems to identify the underlying properties of urban environments
John R. Weeks

Session 10
Chair: John Cromartie
Discussant: William H. Frey

Reflections on the latest review of metropolitan area standards in the USA
James D. Fitzsimmons and Michael R. Ratcliffe

Policy makers' needs
Ellen Brennan-Galvin

Part Six. The Way Forward

Session 11
Chair: Anthony Champion

Reflections from the invited discussants: Michael Batty, Ram B. Bhagat, Terence G. McGee, Landis Mackellar, David R. Rain

Session 12
Chair: Landis Mackellar

Conclusions and recommendations
Tony Champion and Graeme Hugo