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Panel on Urbanisation (2004-2006)

Mark Montgomery

Deborah Balk (USA)
Eduardo Moreno (Mexico)
Thomas Buettner (Germany)

Council Liaison
Maria Coleta de Oliveira

IUSSP Secretariat Contact Person
Paul Monet

Terms of Reference

The underlying aim is to provide a basis for exploring the dynamics of urbanisation, with particular reference to the demographic components of urban growth. The principal objective is to formulate a new approach to studying urbanisation trends that takes account of the major changes in human settlement systems around the world. This is justified primarily in terms of the increasing blurring of the simple rural/urban dichotomy used traditionally for this purpose. It also intends to take advantage of new research opportunities allowed by the major improvements being made in small-area data availability and in the technical capabilities of computing and GIS processing.

Programme of activites

Workshop: Rethinking the Estimation and Projection of Urban and City Populations, New York City, 9-10 January 2006

This meeting is being organised so as to provide experts in remote-sensing applications and geographic information systems, demographers, experts in urban planning, and representatives of United Nations statistical agencies with an opportunity to engage in discussions on new sources of data and emerging methods in urban population estimation and forecasting, with a decided emphasis on methods that make use of spatially disaggregated data. This is a highly multidisciplinary area, but one that holds great promise for urban policy and planning in poor countries in addition to its considerable scholarly appeal.

Seminar Description
Background questions for each panel
Seminar Report
Letter to Decadal Survey

Seminar on New Forms of urbanization: Conceptualising and Measuring Human Settlement in the 21st Century
Bellagio, Italy, March 2002


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